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Tag: Kevin M. Flynn

Has The New Partnership Representative Been Granted Too Much Power?

By: Kevin M. Flynn September 2018 The CPA Journal On November 2, 2015, Congress enacted the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (BBA), which contained sweeping changes to the Internal Revenue Code’s (IRC) partnership audit, litigation, assessment, and collection procedures. The BBA repealed the partnership audit and litigation rules enacted as part

The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

By Kevin M. Flynn The CPA Journal November 2017 Edition Under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 6672(a), an individual can be held personally liable for a penalty for the willful failure to collect, account for, and pay to the IRS the employment taxes of a business. Full Article

Filing A Claim For Refund Of Overpaid Tax

By Kevin M. Flynn The CPA Journal September 2016 Edition Filing a claim for refund of overpaid tax invoices much more than just submitting an amended return to the IRS with an explanatory statement that more than the correct amount of tax was paid. The refund claim, if denied, will form