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Tag: International Tax Controversies

Pros And Cons Of Voluntarily Disclosing Past Wrongs

By Wendy Abkin, George Abney, and Caroline D. Ciraolo Tax Executive Institute February 2018 TO DISCLOSE OR NOT TO DISCLOSE, THAT IS THE QUESTION Hamlet’s thoughts weighed heavily upon him. Should he suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take arms against a sea of troubles? For the young Prince

When Should A Taxpayer Know That A Tax Shelter Is Too Good To Be True?

By Bryan C. Skarlatos & Henry Stow Lovejoy Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure June – July 2017 Edition Taxpayers who have underpaid their taxes can avoid accuracy-related penalties under Code Sec. 6662 by demonstrating that they acted with reasonable cause and in good faith. In general, the most important factor in determining

Complying With U.S. Requirements For Foreign Pension Plans

By Cassandra Vogel The CPA Journal November 2016 Edition The migration of workers into and out of the United States is a fact of the modern interconnected world. Consequently, many U.S. taxpayers acquire an interest in a foreign pension plan or other deferred compensation arrangement during time spent working abroad. Because

Sergio Garcia In Victory Over The IRS

By Robert S. Fink and Wilda Lin Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure June – July 2013 Edition Robert S. Fink and Wilda Lin examine the IRS Issue Management Team’s International Individual Compliance (IIC) Group. The purpose of the IIC is to scrutinize foreign athletes and entertainers to ensure that they have