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Tag: Ian Weinstock

A Conversation with K&F Intern Ruth Schapiro

NEW YORK CITY (April 5, 2022) — Kostelanetz & Fink is always innovating. This year, we took a detour from the traditional law firm summer associate approach, and invited a summer associate applicant, Ruth Schapiro, to join us during her second year of law school, as a Spring 2022 intern. As

U.S. Tax Residency: Some Black-and-white Rules, Some Gray

By Ian Weinstock The CPA Journal March 2018 Edition When advising taxpayers or preparing returns, brightline rules are generally the easiest to explain and to handle. In contrast, tax outcomes that depend on facts and circumstances are inherently more difficult to evaluate. It is therefore a relief that many federal tax residency

The Many Faces Of Form 3520

By Ian Weinstock The CPA Journal August 2017 Edition Form 3520 is an information return for a U.S. person to report certain transactions with foreign trusts [as defined in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 7701(a)(31)] or to report the receipt of certain foreign gifts or bequests. Full Article