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Tag: Eric Smith

Tax Treatment Of Liquidations Of Partnership Interests

By Eric Smith The CPA Journal December 2020/January 2021 Edition The liquidation of a partner’s entire partnership interest can take various forms, including payment made by the partnership to the retiring partner in complete redemption of the partner’s interest or a sale of such interest to the remaining partners. In both

Taxation Of Gambling Income

By Eric Smith The CPA Journal December 2019 Edition Thanks to legalized sports gambling, U.S. casinos generated a record amount of gaming revenue in 2018. As might be expected, it is becoming increasingly common for individuals to have questions regarding the taxation of gambling income and losses, and these questions will

Tax Consequences Of Alimony Payments

By Eric Smith The CPA Journal December 2016 Edition The last thing on most people’s minds during a messy divorce is the tax treatment of the support payments that will eventually be made. Unfortunately, many matrimonial attorneys also fail to consider or fully detail the parties’ intended tax treatment of these

Defending A Cash Business Taxpayer In An Indirect Method Case

By Eric Smith The CPA Journal November 2015 Edition Taxpayers involved in cash businesses are frequently under the incorrect impression that they are audit-proof and free from risk of criminal liability when the income and deductions reflected on their tax returns match their business’s books and records. While cash businesses by