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Tag: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Crypto In Bankruptcy: Tax Apocalypse For Celsius Customers?

By Garrett L. Brodeur Bloomberg Tax Management Memorandum January 30, 2023 Introduction: In the aftermath of a series of bankruptcy filings by major cryptocurrency companies, a recent ruling on an ownership dispute in the bankruptcy case of Celsius Network LLC has placed certain interest-bearing account holders in a difficult position.

Garrett L. Brodeur Moderates A Panel Entitled “Emerging Issues in Crypto and Blockchain Practice” At The ABA 2023 Midyear Tax Meeting

Garrett L. Brodeur moderates a panel titled “Emerging Issues in Crypto and Blockchain Practice” at the American Bar Association’s 2023 Midyear Tax Meeting in San Diego, California on February 10, 2023. Description: Representing cryptocurrency clients involves a variety of issues and practical considerations, from tax compliance to incident response in

Coffee, NFTs, And Noncompliance?

By Garrett L. Brodeur and Mahima Chaudhary Tax Notes Federal November 28, 2022 Abstract: In this article, Brodeur and Chaudhary examine Odyssey, a new blockchain-based rewards program from Starbucks, and its potential tax pitfalls for unwary customers. Digital assets are becoming mainstream, and commercial enterprises are racing to find new

Michael Sardar and Don Fort Participate In A Panel Titled “Criminal Tax Workshop” At The 39th Annual National Institute On Criminal Tax Fraud And The 12th Annual National Institute On Tax Controversy

Michael Sardar and Don Fort participate in a panel titled “Criminal Tax Workshop” at the 39th Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud and the 12th Annual National Institute on Tax Controversy. Panel Description: This popular workshop teaches strategies and techniques for handling sensitive civil examinations and criminal investigations, and

Garrett L. Brodeur Participates In A Panel Entitled “Exploring Tax Practice Settings With Alumni” For Students Of The Georgetown Law Center Tax LL.M. Program

Garrett L. Brodeur participates in a panel titled “Exploring Tax Practice Settings With Alumni” for students of the Georgetown Law Center Tax LL.M. Program on October 25, 2022. Panelists: Garrett L. Brodeur, Kostelanetz LLP Ballinger Doyle, Grant Thornton Camilah Gould-Bailey, Google Tax Saiya Savooji, KPMG Canada This panel was only

The Lawyer’s Guide To Cryptocurrency: Ethical, Tax, And Reporting Issues With The Receipt Of Cryptocurrency As Payment For Legal Services

By Christopher M. Ferguson Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure Fall 2022 Introduction: The cryptocurrency (“crypto”) economy appears here to stay. Notwithstanding the recent “crypto winter,” the use of, and trading in, bitcoin and other crypto-currencies has exploded over the last several years. Once viewed as mysterious, fringe operators regulated

New Crypto Tax Question Foreshadows IRS Enforcement Priorities

By Garrett L. Brodeur Tax Notes Federal September 5, 2022 Abstract: In this article, Brodeur argues that recent changes to the Form 1040 cryptocurrency question highlight an area in which the IRS sees significant enforcement potential and foreshadow a continued shift in the agency’s priorities. In late July, the IRS