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Tag: Christopher M. Ferguson

Christopher Ferguson Moderates A Panel Titled “Employee Retention Credit Audits And Investigations – The Tsunami Is Coming” At The 2023 NYU Tax Controversy Forum

On June 8, 2023, Christopher Ferguson moderates a panel titled “Employee Retention Credit Audits and Investigations – The Tsunami is Coming” at the 2023 NYU Tax Controversy Forum. Description: ​Claims for Employee Retention Credits (“ERCs”) have proliferated exponentially. Almost everyone has seen a commercial or received a text or email

What CPAs Need To Know About Employee Retention Credit Fraud

By Christopher M. Ferguson and David Taylor The CPA Journal March/April 2023 Most taxpayers have likely received a solicitation recently claiming that they may be entitled to thousands of dollars in employee retention tax credits. The solicitations involve the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), a payroll tax credit created by the

Michael Sardar And Christopher Ferguson Present “Handling a Sensitive IRS Audit” At The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers Winter Conference

Michael Sardar and Christopher Ferguson present “Handling a Sensitive IRS Audit” at the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers Winter Conference. Presentation Description: Navigating the Internal Revenue Service audit process can be a daunting task for anyone. Handling sensitive audits that are likely to uncover significant income underreporting and deficiencies,

The Lawyer’s Guide To Cryptocurrency: Ethical, Tax, And Reporting Issues With The Receipt Of Cryptocurrency As Payment For Legal Services

By Christopher M. Ferguson Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure Fall 2022 Introduction: The cryptocurrency (“crypto”) economy appears here to stay. Notwithstanding the recent “crypto winter,” the use of, and trading in, bitcoin and other crypto-currencies has exploded over the last several years. Once viewed as mysterious, fringe operators regulated