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Tag: Caroline Rule

The Government’s New Stance That The Non-Willful Civil FBAR Penalty Applies To Every Account On An Untimely-Filed FBAR, Rather Than To The Single Untimely FBAR Form

By: Caroline Rule Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure Summer 2020 Edition Recent litigation has focused on the government’s new position that the $10,000 non-willful civil FBAR penalty applies per account listed on an non-willfully untimely-filed annual FBAR—a Report of Foreign Bank or Financial Accounts that must be filed by a U.S. person “who

A Long Overdue Check On Prosecutorial Power In Tax Cases

By Caroline Rule and Bob Fink Law 360 Twenty years ago, we put forward what was then a novel concept — that the IRS and the U.S. Department of Justice were misusing the tax code to make their jobs easier. Our topic was the misuse of a statute that, we contended, was reserved for prosecuting the deliberate