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Nicholas S. Bahnsen Moderated An American Bar Association Panel Entitled “Ethical Obligations And Covid19: What Tax Practitioners Need To Know” On June 4, 2020

What should we be on the lookout for to ensure we are not helping our clients participate in or become the victim of fraud considering the CARES Act? How should practitioners ensure we are meeting both IRS and court deadlines? How should we ensure we are meeting our ethical obligations to communicate with our clients? Nicholas S. Bahnsen moderated a panel discussing these timely issues.


  • Guinevere Moore, Moore Tax Law Group LLC, Chicago, IL
  • Matt Cooper, Deloitte Tax LLP, Washington, DC
  • Kathy Enstrom, Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigations, Washington, DC
  • Judge Ronald L. Buch, US Tax Court, Washington, DC
  • Pamela Wilson Fuller, Office of Chief Counsel IRS, Washington, DC
  • Nicholas Bahnsen, Kostelanetz & Fink LLP, New York, NY (Moderator)

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