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K&F In The Classroom: Taxation Of Financial Instruments And Transactions At Umich And Georgetown

In his more than two decades of experience in both the U.S. and Israel, Yoram Keinan has developed extensive experience with respect to the domestic and international taxation of financial products and institutions, and he’s been bringing that knowledge to classrooms at both his alma mater, the University of Michigan Law School, and Georgetown Law Center in a class that is again being offered at both schools, “Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions.”

In both classes being offered this spring, Mr. Keinan explores selected federal income tax issues involving financial instruments, including the economic and legal characteristics of debt, equity, and derivatives; a discussion of original issue discount, market discount, bond premium, variable rate and contingent payment debt instruments; hedging transactions; and tax traps, various anti-abuse rules targeted at financial transactions, and Wall Street hybrids. The class also covers cross-border issues involving recent tax reform laws.


Professor Keinan’s objective is to help students understand the economic and legal framework for the federal income tax rules that apply to the issuance and ownership of financial instruments, as well as to help students develop an appreciation for the practical application of these rules.


Kostelanetz & Fink is proud to be training the next generation of tax lawyers by sharing with  law students the important lessons they have learned from decades of representing a wide variety of corporations, institutions, and individuals in complex tax matters.


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