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What CPAs Need To Know About Employee Retention Credit Fraud

By Christopher M. Ferguson and David Taylor The CPA Journal March/April 2023 Most taxpayers have likely received a solicitation recently claiming that they may be entitled to thousands of dollars in employee retention tax credits. The solicitations involve the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), a payroll

ChatGPT – A Piece Of The Puzzle, Not A Panacea

By Garrett L. Brodeur and Liz Grant Bloomberg Tax Management Memorandum May 1, 2023 After a string of failures in the cryptocurrency industry and the emergence of artificial intelligence (‘‘AI’’), many observers would likely agree that crypto is tired and AI is wired. AI is

Tax Refunds For Individuals: A Closer Look

By Sidney Kess New York Law Journal March 27, 2023 In February 2023, the IRS reported ( that it has issued nearly eight million refunds to individuals with respect to 2022 returns averaging $1,963, down slightly from last year’s average of $2,201. Almost 87% of

Tax Penalties To Avoid: Taxes Are High Enough Already

By Sidney Kess New York Law Journal February 22, 2023 Tax penalties can be costly and are not tax deductible. There are more than 150 penalties, some civil and some criminal. According to Table 26 in the IRS Data Book for fiscal year 2021 (//,

Key Changes From SECURE Act 2.0

By Sidney Kess New York Law Journal January 27, 2023 In 2019, the SECURE Act introduced a number of changes to rules for retirement plans and IRAs. Now SECURE Act 2.0, which was included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023, has more than 90 provisions

Crypto In Bankruptcy: Tax Apocalypse For Celsius Customers?

By Garrett L. Brodeur Bloomberg Tax Management Memorandum January 30, 2023 Introduction: In the aftermath of a series of bankruptcy filings by major cryptocurrency companies, a recent ruling on an ownership dispute in the bankruptcy case of Celsius Network LLC has placed certain interest-bearing account